The Rock Room Music Festival


As somebody who has yet to experience a music festival, and with the lack of music festivals due to the pandemic, it was my goal to create a summer rock music festival that I would only dream of going to. I wanted The Rock Room to include an eclectic mix of rock genres that anyone could enjoy. I was inspired by the name of this (for lack of a better word) grimy dive bar that I had heard of on Instagram; however, I wanted to create a fun and upbeat design style that was inviting and more colorful. I was also inspired by the Ohio Caverns, which is a cavern located near my hometown, for being the most colorful cavern in America. The caves are filled with sparkling crystals that will leave you in awe. I felt that the Ohio Caverns would be the perfect place to host an eclectic summer rock festival, such as The Rock Room. There are “cave drawing” elements throughout my design that represent all the fun that you can have at this music festival.